Plant trees correctly
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How To Plant Your Trees Correctly
When planting your new tree it will require much planning and preparation. Firstly, you must choose the right tree for the chosen position. Often we choose trees that will grow too large or are unsuitable for the soil, drainage, climate and so on. If you have any doubts, it is worthwhile to speak to an Arborist or qualified horticulturist. When you are purchasing your plants from a nursery, take care to ensure that they are good specimens. Some hints to watch out for the height of the tree in relation to the size of the pot i.e. if a tree is quite tall yet in a small pot it may be pot bound. You can by all means ask the nurseryman to show you the roots. Also look closely at the trunk and branches. A tapered trunk suggests a well formed trunk and branches should be clear and not crowded, tight or tangled. The roots of your tree will grow near the surface and not downwards as is commonly believed. So when you are planting dig a hole half the height and twice as wide as the pot. Remove your tree from the pot and tease out the bottom half of the roots so that they are more horizontal. Plant with the top section of the pot level or slightly above the surrounding soil. Planting deeper can often cause damage to the trunk (collar rots) and can deprive roots of oxygen. It is not necessary and is in fact undesirable to fertilize your newly planted tree. If the tree is staked, pull the stake out. Stakes are used to encourage height, but at the expense of healthy trunk taper. If you must brace your tree, do so as low as possible and never so tightly that the tree can't sway. Young, newly planted trees will grow best if grass is kept back from the trunk. Bare dirt is fine, but will require more watering. Your tree will benefit if you apply 50-100 mm of mulch. This will help keep moisture in and break down over time to provide valuable nutrients.