What is a tree
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What is a Tree?
A tree is a large, woody, long lived and shedding organism. Trees produce food from sunlight hitting their leaves (photosynthesis). This food is then transported through the branches and the roots where it is burned up in the same way we use food (respiration). Underneath the ground a tree has large woody roots which spread out. These roots are merely underground branches. At the end of these roots are small absorbing (non woody) roots. These absorbing roots, often little more than fine hairs, take up water and nutrients. When something goes wrong or alters quickly around your tree, the tree goes into "stress". Often this stress is not even visible, but frequently it will require the use of large amounts of stored energy. Stress is reversible. However, when stress occurs for extended periods of time or is extreme, your tree is damaged permanently (strained). Strain also uses large amounts of energy, but because the injury is permanent the use of energy may extend for many, many years.