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How Do We Restrict Our Trees Needs?
A tree, when in it's most natural state would require little - if any specific care. But when taken from this environment or when the area is altered, we become the trees "mother nature". There are many things which can restrict the needs of our trees. Frequently we choose trees which are best suited to other environments or we change the environment around our tree by altering soil levels, laying turf, removing other plants and even over watering We build our homes near trees because we want to reap the benefits they have for us. Sometimes during building we cut roots to lay slabs. We change the surface of the land to make it level and strip off vital topsoil. Over many years we have altered natural drainage and placed gutters and pipes to pour rain water into the ocean and not back into the land where it is so desperately needed. We use harsh fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides, we overgraze land. When we do these things our trees can't simply get up and leave. Young, healthy trees may adapt but older ones simply hurt. We can help our trees by making the environment as close as possible to ideal conditions. Unfortunately this is seldom possible or practical. For this reason healthy trees often require specialised care at least once a year.